Angie Lynx – the First Time in My Life I Am Squirting

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I am visiting Doctor Sex today because I am fucking all the time and I don’t understand why I am not having huge orgasms like before! So, I explain my problem to doctor Sex. I tell him how this morning I used my hairbrush like a dildo and I fuck my pussy deeply but without orgasms! it is not normal! I tell him how I’ve been fuck in toilet of restaurant and did not get any orgasms neither! but as I was talking to him, I felt again that need of being fucked again and needed an orgasm! Doctor let me a few minutes alone and hidden from him, I could not resist to masturbate in his office! when he came back, he understood my problem and helped me to have my orgasm with the magic wand Hitachi vibrator! after a few minutes of vibration, you can see me vibrating too, and so much that I am having a huge orgasm and I am squirting at the same moment! first time in my life I was squirting!

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