Amiee Cambridge – Anything for Fur

Duration: 11:0s; Quality: 1440x1080 HD; Category: FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION

You want to serve a fur queen and her stud do you. You claim that you would do anything for us as we are your queen and master. Careful what you say slave because we will push you and turn you into whatever we desire. That’s what you want fine there’s no going back. First things first you’re going to suck masters cock. I want your nose to reach this fur cuff I have placed on his cock with each bob of your head. Suck and sniff bitch, suck and sniff. Suck my spit off of his cock. Not bad for your first try lets see what else you might be good at. Worship your masters feet. You heard me bitch kiss and suck on his fucking foot. You’ve already had his dick in your mouth just do it. Mmm so pathetic I know where you will best serve us… Welcome to your new life as our human toilet. Just wait soon you will be feeling our hot steamy gold splash your face and eagerly devour our bowel movements. pathetic just pathetic but at least you will be useful to your fur queen and master.

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