Alizae Baby – Sissy Bambi Bitch

Duration: 10:14s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING, HUMILIATION

POV where you get to meet Alizae online in a video chat – but once you meet – Alizae recognizes you – You are a sissy BBC slut, bambi and OMG – Alizae cant believe its you, and that you thought you had a chance with her. As she knows about your sissy life, you might think you can be a real guy, but what real guy dresses in stocking, uses a dildo and gets excited by BBC? Basically she gives you a dose of reality. She explains how you should just admit and accept it. You are a sissy and thats it. Alizae also explains how she knows that you masturbate to her videos – but its because you are jealous of Alizae and you want to be just like her. She then Gets you to jerk off (touch clitty) to her, and get you to admit that you are a sissy called Bambi, You would never have a chance with her, which is why you fantasize about being like her, as she points out all her hot amazing assets. Alizae tells you to put panties on and get a dildo out, and finally the game begins.She gets you to put it close to your mouth as she holds her own dildo, she explains how hot it is and that you wont be able to resist sucking it. (Bambi triggers are used ) Getting you to start to lick the tip, and then also touch your clitty. Finally she has you open some BBC porn and watch women sucking and fucking BBC, asks you if you feel jealous or want to be them. Alizae gets you excited about the BBC, All whilst sucking on that dildo. At the end you dont deserve to cum properly, good girls have to cum from sissygasms, so she allows you to rub your clitty to the thought of sissyfying yourself, getting big tits, big lips, wearing hot tight outfits. Just so you can be as girly as she is and get some real BBC. Enjoy !

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