After Work Surprise Joi – Jamie Valentine

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Such a long grueling day at work huh? All to make money to spend on your queen. I can’t blame you though I’m perfect and you obviously want to show me your love in any material way possible. I love that about you. Your unwavering dedication to your goddess. Thats why this morning I promised you a special treat for accomplishing your daily tasks. Now that you’ve returned from work I can spoil you a little. Get on your knees I have a surprise. Now unzip. Pull it out. Get to wanking. Let me dangle these perfect feet in your face. Breath in. Smell that? Lick it. Suck on them. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment, we both know I’m not usually so nice. Keep stroking. It will only be a moment till I count you down and then this moment will be gone. Savor it. 5..4..3..2..1

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