After Shower Bribe – Jamie Valentine

Duration: 05:39 ; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: FEET - FOOT FETISH

Im fresh out the shower still dripping and I remembered how much you love to worship my feet when they’re extra clean. Who can blame you clean soft feet still covered in drops of water. Theres nothing more appetizing. Come here and get close sissy. Sniff your goddesses essence. Smells good right? Want more? Lets make a deal. Im tired of cleaning the bathroom. Its boring and gross and I can’t imagine a job more appropriate for you. I know you work all week long but thats not enough. I refuse to clean the bathroom so you might as well take me up on my offer. At least that way you’ll get to worship these tootsies. Good decision, I knew I could rely on you to make the right choice.Now lick and suck. Nibble on my toes. Good boy.. keep up the good work. Thats enough get to work your on bathroom duty. Chop chop spic n span slave.

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