14 Minutes Of Squirting Multiple Orgasms 1080p – Kitty Diamond

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Masturbation Blog: Friday 17th May Day 5 of my treat, masturbating every day for at least a week * Masturbating as i do in private, nothing is faked or acted!! * This time, just me relaxing in my bed, vibrator in hand (well, on my pussy) and 14 minutes of pure ecstasy. Once i orgasm, they just keep coming (and so do i 😉 ). I had a combination of small build up orgasms (that is what i call them), but if i leave the vibrator on my clit they become MASSIVE orgasms where i lose all control. Early on i had the first of the MASSIVE orgasms, so strong i can feel my entire pussy twitching and then contracting and tens up so hard, i have no control of what happens down there, usually squeezing me so tight i squirt or dam right wet myself, followed by a massive release and an amazing orgasm… that i just need to keep doing again and again, until my little pussy can take no more i hope you like watching me masturbate, i love doing these videos for you and of course really enjoy myself 😉

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